Meditations in Flora, Study N.4
Wallpaper Projects

Wallpaper Projects collaborates with natural dyer and artisan Cara Marie Piazza in their newest series of wallpaper murals titled “Meditations in Flora”

Cara creates one of a kind paintings and textiles using natural dyes she teases out from botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals and food wastes. She creates her art through alchemical dye sessions, employing a variety of techniques such as bundle-dyeing, ombré, shibori and more. Piazza runs a small-scale natural dye studio in Brooklyn, NY, along with hosting curated events merging healing, plants & art. 

Wallpaper Projects found inspiration in her unique natural dye paintings, and from those created large scale murals that are both atmospheric and floral. 


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Wallpaper Projects
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