Family Style, Hosted and Curated by Wallpaper Projects and Studio Becky Carter
Wallpaper Projects

Family Style - A curated show hosted by Wallpaper Projects and Studio Becky Carter to kick off Design Week. 


Tangible Space, Kiki Goti, Chris Wolston, Maggie Cowles, Likeminded Objects, Aid Goodrich, Concrete Cat, Avram Rush Studio, Teruko Kushi, Kelsey Fairhurst, Mondays, Graham Marks, and the Perfect Nothing Catalogue. 

Wallpaper in Collaboration with Teruko Kushi and Tablecloths in Collaboration with Concrete Cat. 

Gin Sponsored by Astraea Gin, Flowers by Sophie Stone, Food by Marissa Lippert.

Event Space: 102 Franklin, Tribeca, NYC




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Wallpaper Projects
Wallpaper Projects
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